October 16 2018
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Indus Flavour – A classic Indian Restaurant

Indus Flavour situated in the ever-so growing hub of cafés, Hudson Lane, is a place which is different from the cafe culture as it is a pure vegetarian fine dining family restaurant. Known for its Indian, this place offers its customers a variety of dishes to choose from.


On our visit, we were greeted with shots of Aam panna served alongside were masala nitro-popcorns that emitted smoke on eating (because of dry ice ; nothing harmful) this was something unique and was equally tasty.


Next up were the starters. Dahi ke shorey and Paneer Tikka were the one’s that stood out for us, the former one is a MUST TRY for all visitors. Litchi Tikka is only for the ones whose tastebuds can appreciate masala’s and sweet and the same time.


The main course of Jack Daniel’s Dal Makhani, peanut butter masala, Subz dum Biryani with cucumber raita eaten along with Garlic and jalapeño naan can leave any food lover wanting for more.


The kesar kulfi served at the last was the perfect ending to a tummy-satisfying lunch. The gujjiya shaped – Paan filled cotton candy which come as a mouth freshner was something that everyone had twice, such perfect was its shape and taste no one could be satisfied with just one :p.


The only drawback of the place is the space, it becomes slightly cramped at times and the location too is jussst a little off the cafe crowded area of Hudson. However the food makes up more for it and makes it a place to visit if you’re in this area and want an Indian meal.

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