November 19 2018
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Canvas Laugh Club launches Canvas Music Hall in Cyberhub , Gurgaon

Delhi NCR was treated to a colossal music invasion of one of India’s most celebrated band, ADVAITA that kicked off an unforgettable experience in the city. A mélange of fusion music culminated on a high note at Canvas Music Hall, Gurgaon as the music community of the city came together to raise toast to good music with more who were in all applause for its very first extravaganza. ADVAITA is a New Delhi based eclectic fusion band which has successfully carved out a niche for their style of music in the global context, while staying true to their characteristically Indian roots. It was the only band to be part of season 1 of MTV Coke Studio India and after the wonderful response that it got , a full one hour episode on the legendary show MTV Unplugged was given to them in honor.

 DSC_2157 (1)

The performance in Gurgaon saw an electrifying line-up on stage coupled with ecstatic energy from music lovers who thronged the venue in big numbers. From the smooth, polished husky tone of the Western Vocalist to the deep and powerful delivery of the Hindustani Vocalist, the music of Advaita was elevated by the synthesis of guitars, keyboards, drums, the tabla and the exotic drone of the Sarangi.



Delhi NCR was witness to some of the best stage production and design it has ever seen with live performances, scrumptious food and sassy ambience. Canvas Music Hall is the next big premium live music destination in town.

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