May 21 2018
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Hike Messenger launches the All New Hike 5.0 with Hike Wallet and come along The Bluepackets ; and this is what they are all about

Hike Messenger, India’s only home-grown messaging platform,recently announced the launch of Hike 5.0, an all-new visually delightful, unique, social experience. Hike 5.0 reinforces Hike’s vision of simplifying how people connect with others and changes the way they interact with content and services on mobile.


The biggest update of Hike 5.0 is Hike Wallet, the easiest and most fun way to send and receive money.


There are 3 main aspects of Hike Wallet:


1.       Free and instant money transfer:

a.       Bank-to-bank via UPI: With Unified Payments Interface (UPI) support enabled in Hike 5.0, users can now do free and instant bank-to-bank transfers with their friends. What’s exciting is that this works even if their friends aren’t on Hike.  

b.      Wallet to Wallet: For those who don’t actively use a bank account, Hike still allows you to send and receive money with your friends through the Wallet.


2.       Blue Packets: A Blue Packet is simply a beautifully designed envelope that users can insert money into and send to their friends. Users can choose from over 10 different beautifully crafted envelopes and also add a personalised message to it to celebrate those special occasions. A Blue Packet can be sent to an individual or even a group of friends. If you give Blue Packets to a group of your friends, you can have a little fun and select how many people in the group should get it. It works on a first come first serve basis and a Blue Packet when sent expires in 24 hours!



The blue packets are not only user friendly for sending and receiving money but are also really fun to use.You can send a packet closed with any amount of money you wish to send to a person on an individual chat or even in a group and they won’t know the amount until they’ve actually opened it. Its also very easy to load money to your wallet using any mobile wallet or linking any of your bank account with the app. One can send a packet loaded with Money using various available themes for various occasions ,like a Thank You blue packet or a Congratulations blue packet to anyone you wish to send the money to and once opened the money would automatically be added to the recievers wallet. The sender receives a notification once the packet has been opened by the receiver.

What’s more interesting is that you can share bluepackets in a group as well, be it with or without money 😉 . Once you add some amount to the bluepacket to be shared you see and option as to how many people get the money. Say in a group of 25 you send a bluepacket of Rs 2000 and select that 5 people get access to the money in it , only the first five to open it will get the money. Would they get Rs 400 each or what would be the next question that’ll arise. There is another option that comes before you send the bluepacket in a group that say’s share equally or surprise me. Share equally means that the first five members of the group opening the packet would get Rs400 each , even the sender can open his own packet and get the money provided he’s amongst the first five. Surprise Me is something out of the senders control , the app on its own will distribute the Rs2000 amongst the first five accessors in no particular order or symmetry. It’s purely luck based , one might recieve Rs1000 if he’s lucky enough while the other might get just Rs50 .

We’ve been using the blue packets since they were launched and by today the Blue packets have become a routine in our Group chats as well as sending and recieving money to and from individuals respectively. One can bluff his friends by sending 5 bluepackets , four of them with nothing in them and one carrying the money you owed. To be honest they are really interesting and fun to play around with and at the same time are easy to operate and handle.

3.       Recharge: With Hike 5.0, users can now recharge their phones and pay their postpaid bill right from inside Hike. This removes the need to have one more app just for paying mobile bills, thereby saving space on their phone and removing the need for them to add yet another app.


With the launch of Hike 5.0, Hike has also reduced the app size to just 25MB despite adding all these features and has also added 128-bit SSL encryption that ensures that communication across the air and wire networks, is completely encrypted.


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