May 21 2018
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CasaBlanco organizes one of its kind Art Buffet in South City , Ludhiana

Pictures, painted or photographed are always so pleasing to see. So why shouldn’t one encourage the budding artists and photographers who capture and paint their thoughts and ideas into paintings and pictures…..
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In order to turn the passion into professions of such artists the trio of NIK PILLAI, HARKIRAN ARORA and RAVNEET KAUR presented the food buffet at Casa blanco , Ludhiana where The work of the budding artists were portrayed in a beautiful display on the roped backgrounds. 20 artists from all over India participated in this exhibition.The cheif guest of the show was ACP Swati Tiwana who was impressed and showed her love by inaugurating the show.
The art work which was for sale and garnered tremendous love and impresses the ludhianvis who indeed were overwhelmed by the show. This is an annual show and this is the second time this show is been put up in Ludhiana.
About the restaurant, CasaBlanco is a fine dining greek restaurant opened in south city in Ludhiana. The ambience is good and a good place to visit with your friends over coffee and not to forget having food with beautiful paintings and pictures all around was all kind of a different and lively feeling.
So people , if you are an artist or a photographer and want to get noticed by the public why don’t you contact the food buffet and display your work in this great show. And you never know this annual show may become a monthly show in all states of India and might even go abroad.

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