May 21 2018
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Appu Patisserie and Appu Home Made Ice creams- New add-ons to Appu Ghar

If you were a kid growing up in early 90’s in Delhi then Appu Ghar must have been a happy place where you would have built memories with your friends or family. Continuing to delight its patron with exciting options for food or adventure, Appu Ghar has launched Appu Patisserie and Appu Home made ice-cream at its Gurgaon Facility. Visitors can now treat themselves to a delicious fare- which includes desserts like pastries,cupcakes, muffins, ice creams and cookies as well as birthday cakes.


Located just near the entrance, this patisserie  and icecream parlour serves some really mouth watering and tempting desserts.  What caught our eyeballs in the first instance was the muted decor against which stood out some lively pastries, cookies, chocolate and sweets and what impressed us even more was relentless alchemy of flavours.  Although a delight, these outlets aren’t  big enough. The eating area is outside the patisserie and ice cream parlour which can be a bit of a trouble on hot and humid day.


Satiate your sweet tooth craving  with some toothsome baked goodies at Appu Patisserie.


We loved the strawberry pastry.  This oh so delicious  pastry was wonderfully done. It was nothing less of flavours while not being overtly  sweet.

We also tried  chocolate pops and we must say that made from cream, chocolate and butter, this chocolate pop is for all ages.

Here, ice creams come in an array of flavours- Thai lemon sobret, walnut caramel, cheese oreo,  hazelnut and many more. These frozen treats in some fun flavours are worth a grab.


If  you are not fond of sweet stuff then you can try patties. These come in three flavours and we chose to try the one with cottage cheese.  It was crisp from outside and soft from inside. This was not only flavoursome but also irresistible.



The staff was polite, quick and courteous. Their service is sure to make your experience at Appu Patisserie a memorable one.

We are sure, this  patisserie will make you fall in love at the first bite.Hence, we strongly recommend you to drop in and break your diet.






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