November 19 2018
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The wearable devices market ,comparatively, is still new and unexplored wherein different players still are trying their variations in order to capture the attention of the audience. Some price it competitively in order to penetrate the market doing which some features are compromised. Some, on the other hand load their devices with all sorts of features and modes , which tends to shoot-up their product price.


Wave BP, the smart-band by Riversong is just the perfect balance between the two. Decent features packed up in a modish band , available at a reasonable price. The primary features , in addition to the regular display of day and time, that are useful for a regular user who might not be a fitness enthusiast include :



  • Blood pressure test
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Call and Message Notification including that of some social networking apps
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Pedometer (measures steps)
  • Distance Covered
  • Count of calories burnt
  • Alarms

The device performs its best when connected to a smartphone through the H Band app using bluetooth connectivity. The entire data captured by the band gets recorded and one can view his/her progress and analyse the performance as against the goals as per one’s requirements. However, alot of battery of the smartphone gets drained on connecting it with the band as , one , the app tends to run in the background consuming power and  ,two, the bluetooth connection too leads to power exhaustion.

Coming to the various features offered by the device,

We would say that the pedometer was quite accurate as it gave almost the perfect count of the steps and consequently the distance travelled. The depiction of the calories burnt too was more-or-less on point.

The Call and Message Notification feature has been taken a step further as notifications for messages received on social networking apps too get notified on the smart-band. This is an addition that we really liked.

The Heart Rate Monitor more often than not gave the accurate measure. As we compared its recordings with the readings on professional equipment 8/10 times they were more or less the same.


On to the Blood Pressure Monitor. One can’t expect a wearable device like a smart-band to give the actual measurements of blood pressure with precision. However, Wave BP does really good here as well , as the measurements it made were hardly variable by 5-7 points as compared to those recorded using a sphygmomanometer. The main purpose of such devices is to get a trend of the blood pressure movements and too check that there isn’t an abnormal variation and Wave Bp doesn’t fail to satisfy the user.


This Smart-band has a really stylish design and looks really good while worn. It comes with two pairs of coloured straps to match one’s requirements. The best part is that it complements all types of attires and tends to suit everyone.


One thing that stands out about the device is its charging speed. It hardly takes an hour of charging for it to go from 0-100. However a major con that we found while using it was that the time shown by the device tends to deviate from the actual time by around fifteen – twenty minutes once it is disconnected with the app which at times can be quite misleading.



On the whole, its a really decent product which according to us performs really well and gives its users true value for money. A definite option for all those looking for an affordable smart-band and a really impressive gifting option as well.

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