October 17 2018
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Get refreshed at Cha Bar- Oxford Bookstore


With the summer season about to peak over the next few weeks, people are always hunting for refreshments that are not only cool but also add a fair bit of nutritional element to a drink. And to quench your thirst in these hot and humid months, Cha Bar has introduced a summer special menu that comprises an impressive array of refreshing beverages like Sattu ... Read More »

Indus Flavour – A classic Indian Restaurant


Indus Flavour situated in the ever-so growing hub of cafés, Hudson Lane, is a place which is different from the cafe culture as it is a pure vegetarian fine dining family restaurant. Known for its Indian, this place offers its customers a variety of dishes to choose from.   On our visit, we were greeted with shots of Aam panna ... Read More »

The New Stuffed Crust Range by Pizza Hut


The Reviewcocktail team was invited at Pizza Hut, Connaught Place on 22nd October at the launch of the new range of pizza crusts which are recently added to its menu.   The concept of the stuffed edges and base has been  given a new dimension with the new variants having an Indian tinge to it. The Vegetarian range includes the “Veg ... Read More »

Hinglish- a fusion restaurant


Are you looking for a  restaurant that brings a refreshing change to the idea of evening hangouts with a new interpretation of food? Hinglish is the new kid on the block that aims to change your perception of how to dine out. Food & Beverages There are number of options to make you feel spoilt for choices. This includes fusion ... Read More »

DRAMA upside down: Quirky food in a quirky place

Drama 3

Drama Upside Down is a new, quirky addition to the Delhi food scene. As the name suggests, there is a lot of Drama in this place. The thing that jumps at you is the fact that everything is upside down here. The decor is the star of the show. This 4 floor restaurant has everything upside down. In terms of ... Read More »

Star World celebrates Masterchef Australia inspired #SpeakGourmet

Masterchef Australia 2

Masterchef Australia is easily the world’s most loved cooking show. To celebrate the success of the show, which has entered its 8th season, Star World and Star World HD hosted an evening inspired by gourmet. #Speak Gourmet is a collaboration between Star World and Food Talks India to demonstrate techniques used in Masterchef Australia. These include: Aerate, Molecular Sous vide ... Read More »

Phonebooth Cafe Foodies Review

Phonebooth Cafe Review 14

Phonebooth Cafe is a multi-cuisine restaurant located in Hudson Lane Inspired by the European street food culture it offers different kinds of dishes, shakes and desserts. If you are in the vicinity, you can consider this place for an affordable evening out with friends. Read on for a full review of the Phonebooth Cafe. Capacity and Ambiance Despite opening just ... Read More »

The Addams House, Sector 29, Gurgaon – Review

The Addams House

The Addams House is a well-done theme restaurant – something that was lacking from a pretty wholesome food scene in Delhi-NCR. It is a restaurant inspired by Adams’ family – A cartoon about a goth family with characters like Frankenstein and ‘the thing.’ Both the food and the ambience are inspired by the same series. The Addams Family – A ... Read More »

A weekend at Bronies – Gastronomic delight

Bernies 4

Delhi is bursting at is seams with places to eat. You are literally spoiled for places to eat and drink. If you are looking for placing that offer more than the usual, head to Bronies. Bronies is located under the Defence Colony Flyover. It has replaced the legendary old Nirula’s restaurant. The unusual name means people who are bored out ... Read More »

Pizza Hut’s Cheese Maxx: Pizza for Cheese junkies

Pizza Hut Cheeze Maxx

Pizzas have certainly been a part of the parties with friends, late night movies at home, weekend grubs, birthday parties and even office parties. Pizzas are our favourite food and hence there is no dearth of varieties. Pizza Hut has added a new crust to their menu Cheese Maxx and here’s everything you need to know. What to Expect Each ... Read More »

The University Bistro – Made to order for DU students

The University Bistro

The University Bistro opened recently at Hudson Lane, Kingsway Camp. It is situated close to the North Campus of Delhi University and has created a menu specifically to woo students. If you are looking  to have a quiet evening with friends, it is a place to check out. Capacity and Ambience The University Bistro accommodates around 30-40 people. The ambience is youthful ... Read More »

Dunkin Donuts adds 4 new coffees to its menu

Dunkin Donuts 09

Dunkin Donuts is known for two things – Donuts and nice hangouts. But, they are now venturing into new territories – they have unveiled 4 new kinds of coffees in the market. They are: Bangalore Startup Coffee Boston Black Coffee Therapeutic Cappucino Tough Guy Cappucino These coffees are designed to offer consumers variety from the regular cafe lattes and cappuccinos available ... Read More »

Veda, CP: 7 dishes to try out


Veda, situated in Connaught place, is known for its Pan-Indian flavours and opulent setting. While the food is varied and well-balanced, the luxe red interiors by Rohit Bal with the notes of black and gold are equally impressive. We visited Veda to try out some new additions in the menu on its tenth anniversary. The a-la-carte  has some fusion food. They ... Read More »

Go Cheese organises cheese delights with Chef Ranvir Brar

Go Cheese

Cheese is something that has become the temptress in our life. Whether it is a burger or a pizza, most fast foods cannot do without Cheese. To embrace the foodie culture of Delhi, Go Cheese organised a ‘Cheesy Delights’ meet with Chef Ranvir Brar.   VPS Malik, Vice President modern trade and institution business at Parag Milk Foods Ltd, stated,”What sets ... Read More »

Hudson Cafe Review – Easy Quick Bites

Hudson Cafe review 07

Hudson Cafe is located on Hudson Lane, Kingsway camp, Delhi. The street which houses food titans such as Big Yellow Door and Rico’s caters to mostly a student crowd provides Hudson Cafe the pride of place. Come right across from Vijay Nagar and you will see Hudson Cafe’s billboard right at the intersection. Quick Review The Hudson Cafe is a ... Read More »

Maggi Noodles Vs Patanjali Noodles Taste test, Comparison and Price

Maggi vs Patanjali 8

Maggi is back! While the Maggi Instant Noodles’ comeback received a warm response on social media, there is a new player in the game. Taking advantage of the controversial Maggi India Ban, Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali noodles has sneaked into the market while Maggi is just getting back in the fray. We bought, cooked and tasted both instant noodles. Here is the ... Read More »

Indian Grill Room, Gurgaon – Terrace Restro-Bar review

Indian Grill Room Terrace13

Gurgaon is something different – it is more corporatised and has a different vibe then Delhi. Unlike Delhi, things move way too fast here. The Delhi life is more centred on group experiences while Gurgaon calls for individuality – it gives an individual outlook and choice in every segment of life. Even the fine dining in Gurgaon is like that. Unlike ... Read More »

Zu Tisch: A German fiesta for foodies

Zu Tisch (10)

Oktoberfest is taking place across the world and there is a place in this city, which celebrates it in its true sense. If you want to go for the full German treat, Zu Tisch is where you need to be. It  is a special cafe-cum-bar that serves up authentic German food and drinks. Quick Review The place has been designed ... Read More »

Maharaja Cuisine Food Festival


Maharaja Cuisine Food Festival offers a six-course meal that has a hint of royalty in its every bite. When we say royalty, we mean that the most consumed food will also be delightfully different. This food festival was held in Sattvik, a pure vegetarian restaurant in Select City Walk from 17th -27th sep 2015. Meal The meal was inclusive of: ... Read More »

Mahou launches Mahou Clasica beer in Delhi

Mahou Clasica 650 ml (1)

Mahou San Miquel, a Spanish brewing major which acquired Arian Distilleries and Breweries last year, has finally made inroads to Delhi with its Mahou Clasica beer. The Clasica is a premium lager beer which comes in fruity flavors. It is the same beer that has made Mahou the leading beer brand of Spain. The light golden beer should be an ... Read More »

Cafe TC Kamla Nagar – A first view and first impressions

turquoise cottage12

Turquoise Cottage is a name that sounds familiar to anyone associated with the Delhi music scene. When you think about rock band gigs, it is the first name that comes to mind. But, it came as a surprise, when they decided to open a franchise, called Cafe TC in Kamla Nagar. Kamla Nagar is situated close to the North Campus of ... Read More »

Pakola: Cream soda from across the border


Soft drink industry in India is currently sized at 50 billion rupees. It employs about 126,000 people and has a potential to grow at 5-7% per annum. The changing taste and growing acceptance to the flavours other than cola has been inviting a lot of investors in the recent past. In search of a response Pakola, a sweetened soda from Pakistan ... Read More »

Art Chocolat: Tasting session

art chocolat006

Art Chocolat, a chocolate training academy based in New Delhi organized a tasting session across the weekend. The event brought together chocolatiers and the connoisseurs under one roof. Strolling through the aisles, we came across chocolates infused with herbs, covered with nuts, and filled with gooey caramel. Each hand crafted chocolate was uniquely executed keeping in mind the latest trends  in the ... Read More »